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Are you passionate about staying ahead of the curve and eager to explore the latest features in video management?

We invite you to join Prompt Video’s Early Adopter Program (EAP) with Cinematic Intelligence™! Gain exclusive access to our beta application, enjoy discounted rates, business consultation, influence on product, and community prestige and networking. 

While sharing your valuable insights, you help us shape the future of our platform.

Why Join the Prompt Video Early Adopter Program (EAP)?

Here are 5 Benefits for your Brand:

  1. Get early access to innovative features before they’re released to the public
  2. Enjoy discounted pricing as a token of our appreciation for your participation
  3. Share your unique brand and use case insights and get valuable business consultation to help improve your pain points. 
  4. Collaborate closely with the Prompt Video team, providing direct feedback on your experience to influence product.
  5. Be part of a vibrant community of forward-thinking brands and industry pioneers

Become an early adopter and help us improve our beta as you build out your brand’s video management platform with Cinematic Intelligence™.

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ONLY onboarding U.S.-based brands into our Early Adopter Program.

Our "Pay As You Go" Pricing

Experience the freedom and flexibility with our ‘Pay As You Go’ Pricing. At Prompt Video, we believe in delivering value tailored to your brand’s unique needs. You only pay for the services you need each month, nothing more.

During quieter months without marketing campaigns or video marketing needs, you won’t see a charge from us. But when your brand gears up for events or marketing activities that require Prompt Video’s support, you can easily plan and budget accordingly.

It’s that simple – no surprises, no overages, just transparent, flexible pricing that scales with your needs.

We watch and analyze videos so you don’t have to. Source and store up to 1 Terabyte of video. Then, pay as you go for only $1 per minute of analyzed video. 

So, Do video! Save time. Start, today!

Early Adopters Program (EAP)

/ per minute of video


  • Sourcing Through QR / Link
  • 1 Terabyte of video storage space
  • Calculates Quality of Video
  • Customized video management consultation supporting your team's pain points.
  • Opportunity for your brand to speak at Prompt Video's monthly Community Demo Day
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/ per minute of video


  • Sourcing Through QR / Link
  • Emotion / Position Processing
  • Calculates Quality of Video
  • Stores for 30 days
  • First to Try Exciting New Features
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